Hieroglyph helicopter

The Entrance top to the Tomb of Carnac

It seems everyone has their attention focused on Egypt. One finds everyone making some theory on how the Pyramids were built. We find all sorts of things just waiting to be found out in the sands. Popular symbolism has placed Egyptian sand as represenative of the hourglass. Well, it seems the sands have shifted to reveal something interesting.

With the Temple of Carnac in Abyddos, we find a good many things that just shouldn't be there, all in one place. Looking closely at the picture on the left, one seees a good many things that in all honesty, really shouldn't be there.

Take a look at the slideshow below, and you can see just what we're talking about.

  • The main center of the Temple entrance. Looking closer, we find a good many vehicles
  • Looking close, we see what appears oto be a spaceship launching a lesser craft.
  • A submarine
  • Looking closely, we see a glider.
  • Here, we find what is obviously a helicopter

Looking at Picture 1, we find what is obviously the main piece of stone that all of it is on. It seems to be what is a collection of strange looking symbols, right?

Takinbg a closer look; starting with picture two, we find what is obviously a mothership. It seems to be a hollowed out airplane, or if you take the extremist look at it, a spaceship with a hangar. Both explanations are considered to be good. Look at the craft below. One obviously finds a smaller probe of sorts.

Looking at picture 3, we find what is obviously a submarine. It is almost certainly something one would take below the surface of the ocean.

Picture 4 is kind of strange. Looking close, it appears to be a glider, the type that are used by thrill-seekers wishing to fly without a liscense. However, the picture is very vague.

Picture 5 is almost too incredible to believe. It's the picture that stirred up the wasp's nest with this subject. What it looks like seems to be a helicopter. It has been featured in Ancient Aliens the TV Series on History Channel. It is almost impossible to discredit what is obviously the biggest thing since sliced bread. According to some people