Nazca spider

Location: Peru==

Nazca lies in the middle of a flat plain that that the locals call pampas, which means literally "Plains".

Don't let that confuse you. The name is a misnomer. In reality, nothing grows in this region. What makes it so incredible is the fact that the top of a mountain, has been leveled off. We find on top of this mountain; hundreds upon thousands of designs. All of these designs are only visible from the air. What's even crazier than that is the fact that the ground is not easy to work. We find furrows in rather hard and dry-packed soil, that even today, require iron tools to be able to work it. On the inside of these furrows, we see a white dust, the remainants of what must be tools used to shape it.

Nazca continues to amaze and confuse people in this day and age, but what purpose did it have when it was built?

One first thinks that they had airstrips, and looking at several different photos, we find what could easily be a runway. Of course, that's just about the only thing possible. If you all know, nature does not build in straight lines. And with all of the other pictures that can only be seen from the air, it only makes sense that the area be an airfield. But an airfield for what?


  • Obviously a runway; Nature does not build in straight lines
  • Look closely at the head. No human figure looks like this
  • A Monkey, only visible from the air
  • A tree, with leaves pointing to the nazca plain beyond the ridge. Obviously a first signal
  • Yet another alien.
  • A Spider, only visible from the air