Gold airplane south america
Among Evidence is a set of items that look like airplanes, dating from ancient times


It seems our ancestors were a bit more aeronautically minded than we thought. Taking a closer look at some strange evidence, we find gold airplanes in south america, and what seems to be an airplane in ancient Egypt.

Sounds crazy, doesn't it? Well, taking a look closer, and at the piece of aircraft in the picture on the left, people usually say "It's a bird. That's nothing". Well, since when does a bird have a vertical tail.

The same holds true for the second piece of evidence known as the Saqqara Bird. We find what looks like a bird for a brief moment, until we take a look at the tail. Looking closely at the Saqqara Bird, we find that it has a vertical tail. Last anyone's ever checked, the tail-feathers of a bird are horizontal. If anything, it seems that our little bird name is in reality a misnomer. the thing is an aircraft if there ever was one.


  • A collection of golden birds, found in South America
  • Upon Closer Inspection, we see instead that they are airplnes
  • Yet another one of the golden airplanes
  • The Saqqara Bird. Note the vertical tail
  • When first found, the Saqqara bird was a mystery